Financing Artificial Insemination – comparison of all loan offers

How can couples fund artificial insemination? Not all couples are given a child’s blessing. For quite a few couples, only artificial fertilization is possible. This path can be followed, for example, if the man’s sperm is sterile or the sperm cannot find the way to the egg. Such fertilization can also take place if the egg cells have problems nesting. In these cases, the natural way to have a child is often hopeless.

The decision for artificial insemination is usually the last glimmer of hope. However, any treatment also involves costs. It is not uncommon for several interventions to be carried out before artificial insemination is successful. On the way to pregnancy, this can result in several thousand dollars in treatment costs. It is questionable how couples can finance their desire to have children. We have put together some information below.

Health insurance cost-sharing

Health insurance cost-sharing

Statutory health insurance companies are prepared to pay up to 50% of the costs. Depending on private health insurance, the cost-sharing can be somewhat higher. However, the financial participation of the health insurance companies for artificial insemination is subject to some conditions.

For example, the couple must be married and have attended counseling. In addition, the egg and sperm may only come from the couple themselves. It should also be borne in mind that the health insurance companies participate in a maximum of three treatments.

The following applies to the age limits:

  • The man can be a maximum of 50 years old.
  • The woman must be between the ages of 25 and 40.

Since the treatment is not always successful and the urge to have children determines life, many couples opt for more than three treatments and therefore bear the costs themselves from the fourth attempt on artificial insemination. However, it is problematic that it is not uncommon for the couples there is no money for the procedure. Artificial insemination can cost up to $ 2,000 per attempt. A loan can be taken out to finance this sum. However, before applying for a loan, the couple must agree on the maximum number of attempts to make. For example, 5 interventions can cost a good 10,000 dollars.

Use cost savings

Use cost savings

A loan amount of 10,000 dollars must of course also be repaid. In addition, the financial circumstances of the couple must first be such that they are granted a loan application for this amount. Couples can apply for federal and state support to reduce the amount of the loan. The Federal Ministry of Family Affairs can provide more information about the options and grants that can be applied for. The loan amount can, therefore, be lower. In addition, the cost of artificial insemination can be deducted from the tax.

This means that part of the costs can be reimbursed. Taking into account the possibilities for support, you should check your own income situation by comparing income and expenditure. Your desire to have children is certainly the focus. However, you should choose the number of attempts in proportion to your financial options. This is the only way to avoid over-indebtedness.

Once couples have decided on the number of attempts and exhausted all financing options, the question remains of the right lender.

Artificial insemination lender

Artificial insemination lender

Of course, couples can contact the in-house bank with their desire to have children and the costs of financing. However, it should be borne in mind that the financial institution is not necessarily the cheapest lender. Thanks to the numerous online offers, borrowers can find much cheaper interest rates on the Internet. With us, you can find the cheapest providers to finance artificial insemination simply by entering the desired loan amount and the contract term.

Most lenders do not need to specify a purpose. So, for example, the money can be put into the furnishings of the children’s room if the fertilization is successful.

When choosing the lender, it is important that you have the opportunity to repay the financed amount of money early. For this reason, when carrying out the loan comparison, you should make sure that you do not have to pay early repayment penalties for the lost interest. Otherwise, the loan may turn out to be more expensive despite the low-interest rates.