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Not only do employees have to finance some expenses with a bank loan from time to time, but other customer groups also need financing. Of course, this also applies to students, who are often able to finance various expenses only with a loan.

In principle, some banks do not grant loans to students because the credit risk is too high for them. The main reason for this is that students often only have a part-time job, if any, as a source of income. And since this job can, of course, be canceled at any time, it is too risky for some institutions to lend money on this basis.

On the other hand, there are also credit institutions that even issue a special loan for students. This student loan then usually works like a normal installment loan and can sometimes even be equipped with particularly good conditions.

Student loans from the bank: what to look for

Student loans from the bank: what to look for

The student loan, which is granted by the “normal” bank, can be considered on the condition that the student needs a certain amount of loan, which he can then repay in monthly installments. From the bank’s point of view, the Credit Checker information must be correct and the student must also have some income from which the loan installments can be paid.

Most of these loans are then used, for example, to pay for the furnishings for a student apartment or maybe to finance a car that is needed to get to the university straight away. With this loan for students, as with all other types of loans, one must first pay attention to the conditions, above all, of course, the loan interest to be paid.

As is the case, for example, with loans for trainees, there are also some banks in the area of ​​student loans that can offer particularly favorable interest rates. The loan broker Good Finance is, therefore, part of our recommendation.

The student loan from the Good Credit bank

The student loan from the Good Credit bank

In some cases, student loans granted by a “normal” bank may not help the student. This is primarily the case if the money is not used to finance a one-off, larger expenditure, but rather the monthly subsistence is to be financed.

In this case, the normal loan for students is not practical, since there are even additional monthly charges. The solution, in this case, can be the student loan granted by Good Credit-Bank. In this case, the loan amount is not paid in one go, but in monthly installments.

These payouts then help fund the student’s regular expenses. Added to this is the fact that repayment of the loan does not have to start until after the end of the course.

The student loan without Credit Checker

The student loan without Credit Checker

It should also happen to students that there is already a negative Credit Checker entry, even if it was only due to an unpaid ticket. In such a case, the student will no longer receive a “normal” student loan but will have to look for a student loan without a Credit Checker. However, there is no special student loan without a Credit Checker in this area, but in this case, the student has to look for a general loan without a Credit Checker.

A so-called Swiss loan, as the loan without Credit Checker is also called, is primarily available from credit intermediaries. The request to the Credit Checker is waived, but an income must almost always be proven. Therefore, it could be a bit difficult for students here, too, since there are often no fixed incomes. However, in such cases, there is usually the option of providing security, such as a guarantee from the parents.

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