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Getting a loan is often the best solution to cope with sudden expenses or to plan a major purchase. Today, in fact, due to the crisis, more and more people are resorting to different forms of loan, which can also be obtained online, sometimes even to obtain a liquidity that allows you to arrive peacefully at the end of the month and allows you to provide for all the needs of the family.

The possibility of dividing the amount required by installments into installments is the best way to get rid of debts or solve impending problems.

Loan installment: personal loan

Loan installment: personal loan

The personal loan, as a non-finalized loan, is the most common form of financing to meet many needs, which may concern the purchase of a car, the renovation of a house, the purchase of furniture, holidays, a property or any other need. The personal loan can also be requested to obtain immediate liquidity necessary to deal with the many emergencies that life faces. For this reason, the personal loan is the ideal solution to carry out any type of project and allows you to spend the money disbursed in absolute freedom. In addition, the personal loan is a simple loan to request and, if you have the suitable requirements, allows a disbursement of the requested sum in a short time.

Just check also among the numerous banks present online to get an almost immediate answer and be able to access financing, a system that proves very useful for comparing interest rates and choosing the most convenient ones according to your needs. It is essential to pay particular attention to the APR of the loan, important because it indicates the cost of the loan, to have monthly installments with less interest and therefore lower.

The APR is in fact a relevant index that includes all expenses, both those due to the reimbursement of interest and those that concern all other expenses such as the preliminary costs, the opening and closing costs and all the expenses that comes included on the final loan amount. The TAN is instead the nominal annual rate applied to the loan and which is also calculated on each installment date.

Calculate loan installment

Calculate loan installment

Calculating the loan installment is easy! In fact, it is possible to access online a loan installment calculator: just fill in the form and obtain the calculation of the installment and the total amount of the loan, which includes a share of capital and a share of interest. In addition, it is also possible to calculate the loan amortization plan through a monthly summary of interest and the amount of capital paid, plus an annual report. Moreover, thanks to the numerous online comparators, it is also possible to compare the most convenient loans and calculate the loan rate more in line with your needs.


Just go to the appropriate form, fill in the requested data and wait a few seconds to get a clear picture of the available banks that can accept the request. The quote is quick and free and allows you to access information on the installment and calculated interest. To request an exact calculation of the installment, it is important to choose the fixed or variable rate option, two different formulas on the basis of which the amount and the percentage of interest change.

It is also good to keep in mind that the longer the duration of the loan, the higher the interest calculated and spread over time. Once the loan has been chosen, it is possible to request the feasibility from the selected bank that will take care of contacting the customer to provide the outcome of the loan evaluation.