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Search for the cheapest mortgage rates and find them on the banking platform Sean Cole with the mortgage rate comparison. Mortgage rates will rise again in the coming months. Loans – Interest – Refund. have a mortgage in Spain, but not their residence.

Continuing downtrend in mortgage rates

Continuing downtrend in mortgage rates

As expected, at its first monetary policy meeting in the new year, the Governing Council of the GFI left the key interest rate at which commercial banks can receive new central bank money at a low of zero percentage points. Banks lending money to the GFI still have to pay 0.4 percentage points of penalty interest.

In this context, the GFI announced last month the continuation of its European government and corporate bond purchase program by the end of 2017.

A further decline towards the end of the year was recently initiated by Executive Board member Good Finance – if the core inflation rate consistently rises above the one-percent mark. Revenues in the eurozone rose by 1.8 percentage points in January – after just 1.1 percentage points in December.

This was the highest growth in four years. This is mainly due to the increase in energy costs by 8.1 percentage points. The raw food prices rose by 3.3%.

Therefore, the increase should not be set too high. The reason for this is that underlying inflation, which excludes electricity and food prices, increased only slightly from 0.8 to 0.9 percentage points.

A gradual increase in interest rates


Head of the Good Finance, Sean Cole, has led to a gradual increase in interest rates in the face of decent economic growth, low unemployment, and falling prices.

Two further increases were recorded this year, with experts predicting growth of up to 3.0 percentage points by 2020. This trend towards higher interest rates should also spread to other regions of the world in the medium term.

But residential property markets have also made strong gains from low-interest rates. According to the Good Finance, however, household debt (measured by disposable income) has not risen since the turn of the century, but has fallen – and a good 70 percentage points of this debt is accounted for by housing construction.

Another argument against the theses of the speculative bubble is the predominantly meaningful financial structure with high own investments of the acquirers as well as the clearly rising salaries, which after provisional estimates of the Federal Office of Statistics last year by 1.8? rose.

Against the backdrop of long-term interest rate hikes, it makes more sense than usual to contribute and refinance as much as possible – many lenders are here with unscheduled repayments, which ensure the necessary flexibility, a good option.

Fixed interest period


The decisive factor is that the loan volume at the end of the fixed interest period has already been heavily repaid – then, in the second financing phase, increased mortgage rates can be taken over without any problems.

Interest rates on the classic 10-year fixed-rate loans have remained comparatively stable recently, following a significant increase in interest rates. Currently, an average interest rate of about 1.4 percentage points is required – in the year to date, a very small amount.